Full Scale Development
& Automation Services

We create highly customized Web Platforms to fit your business needs! If you are aiming to increase your visibility online, we can help streamline your efforts! Our team of experts specialize in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Social Media Management & Paid Advertisement Campaigns. Technical talk can be unnecessarily complicated, we firmly believe in simplifying the process and implementing solutions that are proven to work time and time again.


Here's how we can simplify your approach


Customized Platform withMinimal Back-End Required


Managed Services Team - 24/7 Phone/Email Support


Search Engine Optimized + Data & Analytics Reports


Personalized Business Solutions Crafted To Your Dreams & Visions
Our Approach

Digital Evolution

We believe keeping up with the latest trends and technological advances are extremely vital to our excellence. At SEO Specialist Group we thrive on Research & Development! We use the latest technology & tools to guarantee operational excellence for our clients. Working together as a team to ensure true quality every step of the way! If you feel that your business is ready to take a step further digitally, we can help simplify your approach.

Interested in speaking with us? We offer free consultations! Even if you decide to go with another approach, we can guarantee you'll pick up some genuinely useful information!

Project Roadmap

Implementation Strategy

1. Schedule An Initial Consultation
2. We Gather Data & Evaluate Your Overall Requirements
3. We Evaluate Your Budget & Provide Pricing Options
4. Our Team Starts the Research & Development Process
5. We Provide Project Blueprints & Various Design Options
6. We Execute the Strategic Launch of Your New Website!

Global Network

Captivate your target audience and discover networks that can solidify your presence online. Regardless of your industry, the power of communication has amplified tremendously in 2019. The potential reach in todays internet market opens doors for many opportunities. With the use of tools like Google AdWords, Keyword Planner, Trends & Facebook Advertisement - we implement our strategy with precision.

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Digital Marketing

We can put your business front and center

Having a quality website for your clients to fall back onto can be of high importance. Although, how you market your website/business and get it in front of clients can be even more important. We're experts at implementing solutions that fit your specific needs. Our team custom crafts an action plan and strategy that matches your business guidelines and maximizes your potential. Automate your online efforts with SEO Specialist Group and focus on what matters most - your business.


Understanding The Metrics

Being a Google Premier Partner, we swear by the various tools offered by Google. We can make your business a powerhouse online with the effective use of Data & Implementation. The graph below relays information from Google MyBusiness services. Showing our clients exactly where traffic is coming from - Whether it be people searching for your brand, natural discovery or paid listings. We can help you maximize your potential with the use of analytics.


Getting Leads

Harbor leads with the use of effective online practices. We are simply masters at directing traffic towards your business. Getting direct website visits, calls, direction requests & more has never been so important. Valuable insights not only give you information on your business, it allows you to balance out your approach and focus on areas that matter. Depending on each industry - the approach will vary. We specialize in molding to your requirements and implementing solutions that simply work.



Interested in our work, take a peek at how we create! If you have any questions during or after your visit to SSG - We're gladly here to answer them and offer some general insight into our strategy.

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